Asia Masima Pte Ltd Founded In Year 2006, with the specialization in CNC Machine Tools, Sheet-Metal Working Machines And PC-Based CNC Controller.
Targeting the important industries of Aerospace, Marine & Shipbuilding, Energy, Oil & Gas, General Precision Engineering, Metal-working & General Construction Industries in the ASEAN Countries. With the vast knowledge of the founder, the company continuously sourcing and exploring the highest level of technologies for the introduction and integration within our customer current facility.

Since incorporation the company had matured tremendously with global recognition. Backed up by superior suppliers from Europe & Asia Pacific Partners, we had secured numerous projects and will continue to strive working towards our Company Philosophy

  • Providing Technology Driven Products To The Industries
  • Providing Innovative Solution To The Industries
  • Providing Operation Efficiency Solution To The Industries
  • Providing Service Satisfaction To The Industries
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